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Are the SAT exams coming and you do not know how to prepare for it? You may want to consider Bigfoot SAT tutors, specialising in private one-to-one tutoring. Having a private tutor will make you more engaged and allow you to receive individual attention. With private tutoring, you can be sure that your needs will be fully focussed on by your tutor.

One-to-one lessons allow students to get instant feedback from their tutor, and the lessons are tailored to suit your requirements and level of knowledge. Special attention can be paid to the areas that you find challenging. To choose the best SAT tutor for you, browse through their profiles, paying attention to their tutoring approach, qualifications and their experience. All of our tutors are extensively interviewed and tested before being put onto our database, so regardless of what tutor you choose, you will be working with a highly qualified specialist.

Once you have found a tutor that meets your needs, you are welcome to try a free trial lesson with them.

Benefits of one-to-one SAT tutoring

When it comes to focused, personalised and flexible tutoring lessons, you just can not beat Bigfoot tutors. Our highly skilled tutors can offer you online SAT help, which is delivered in the most efficient, affordable and convenient way available.

SAT training online

Private online tutoring is more affordable and cost-efficient than traditional lessons. Each lesson plan is tailored to meet students’ academic needs, as they choose what topics they wish to cover. The tutor will also identify their student’s weaknesses and will go into more detail on the areas they find most challenging.

We know that it can be difficult to find a local tutor who is available when you need it. With our online SAT tutors, lessons scheduling is not a problem. You can study when you want, including weekends and non-business hours. To check the tutor’s availability, simply visit their profile.

In addition, online tutoring is accessible and convenient. All you will need to connect with your tutor is a computer, an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. You will meet your tutor in our virtual classroom, where you and your tutor can both share all the necessary materials you need and use the interactive whiteboard. You will find online studying extremely fun and enjoyable.

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