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Physical education (PE) is one of the most dynamic subjects, requiring students to have a wide range of skills. Although PE is often considered a practical subject, from studying PE at a GCSE level the syllabus will include both practical and theoretical. As well as engaging students in physical activity, it gives them the understanding of anatomy, physiology and movement skills. Physical education provides a solid foundation for entering careers in teaching or coaching, recreational management, leisure industry and professional sport.

As the result of excess physical activity, it occurs that students miss the basic knowledge of PE theory. Our highly skilled P.E. tutors will help you to fill in these gaps need to exceed your theory exams.

All our tutors are tested and interviewed to ensure top quality. They have rich experience in PE teaching, proven by positive reviews from their former students. All the information about the tutors, including their approach, qualification, rates and experience is available in their personal profiles. Simply pick a tutor that meets your expectations and request a free trial with them. Discuss the details of the study, including scheduling and topics to cover. Once you are pleased with the tutor, you can book your lessons.

Benefits of online P.E. lessons

One-to-one online PE lessons are the perfect option for those who need to improve their knowledge of the subject but who do not require a full PE course. Private PE lesson are 1 hour long and can be scheduled up to 7 days a week. Each lesson is focused on the particular topic that you would like to cover or the skill that you would like to improve.

Our PE tutors commonly start their lessons by clarifying their student’s needs and goals. They believe that each lesson should be tailored to each particular student. Furthermore, they believe that each lesson should be enjoyable and fun and do their best to motivate and engage each student.

In addition to being extremely effective, online PE tutoring is also very convenient. Lessons are held in our virtual classroom, equipped with a virtual whiteboard. All you need to access the classroom is a computer, a webcam and a microphone. Students can easily see and speak to their tutors in real time, distance and time zone is not a barrier.

Bigfoot PE tutors will help you learn more about the effects of exercise and the body functions so that you will be able to improve your performance in a range of sports. Join now and request a free trial!

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  • “Over 10 years industry and teaching experience in sport science, sport coaching, and strength and conditioning.”
    I aim to develop a student's ability to learn, and to apply what is learnt to real world situations. I encourage students' to draw on their own experiences and to relate what is being studied to current events. Engaging...
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