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Oxbridge is a dream of many ambitious individuals worldwide. However, being accepted to study at Oxbridge is not easy. Having only good grades will not grantee you a place, as you are competing against the best applicants around the world. If you want to enter one the most prestigious universities on earth, you may want to consider private tuition to help you get prepared for the entrance application.

Bigfoot’s Oxbridge entrance tutors are ready to provide you with academic and psychological support you need to enter the world’s top university. To find the right tutor, look through their profiles and pick the one whose experience and qualification meets your expectations the most. You can request a free trial with a particular tutor to ensure that you have made the right choice.

As you know, the best Oxbridge entrance tutors are those from the UK who have graduated from a prestigious university. Even if you live outside the UK, online tutoring gives you a chance to study with a UK-based tutor. The possibility of being able to study from anywhere and at any time is, probably, one of the main advantages of online tutoring. Thanks to internet and modern technologies, distance is not a barrier any longer.

How will a tutor help you to enter Oxbridge?

Among our tutors are Oxford and Cambridge graduates who know everything about studying at these universities from the inside out. They will be glad to share with you their experience and guide you through each step of the entrance process. They can help you choose the right university to passing the entrance exam.

Oxbridge admission process consists of several stages, including writing your personal statement, preparing for admission tests and interviewing. Our tutors can assist you at any stage of this process. They can help you write a winning personal statement that will convince the admission committee that you are the right candidate for their university. You can also improve your knowledge in the most challenging areas for successful completion of entrance exams. Or you can learn more about Oxbridge admission interview and be prepared for their bizarre interview questions.

The key for a successful admission to Oxbridge is demonstrating deep knowledge and passion to the chosen subject. Our Oxbridge entrance tutors will help you find unique areas of interest to make you stand out from other candidates.

Remember that you are not the only one who wants to go to Oxbridge, so start preparing as soon as possible.

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