What the study of music theory online includes

For entry into music school or college and further successful studying, you will need a good basic knowledge in the field of music. You can study the subject and prepare for entrance by yourself, but for higher and rapid results, you need support of an experienced music theory tutor.

Music theory is the science about the structure of music, learning its basic constituent elements such as sound, melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, form, and others. This subject includes a number of disciplines: elementary music theory, musical harmony, polyphony, analysis of musical forms and others. Without learning music theory, further development in this field and mastering your desired instrument will be impossible for you. You can learn music theory online you can with our tutors.

You will receive information regarding to musical instruments, voices, different musical genres, forms and more in our music theory lessons.

Music theory lessons, which will be taught to you by our experienced tutors, are the great way to strengthen existing knowledge and acquire new knowledge for you.

Music theory lessons

The student will learn basic theoretical disciplines; consider such notions as sound, rhythm, meter and tempo, intervals, chords, harmony, melody, dynamics, texture, musical syntax, signs of reduction of musical letter, pitch and much more at the lessons. You will need all of this knowledge in your further studies.

Depending on the student`s requirements content of online music theory course may vary. Teacher can focus on questions more interesting for the student, but in any case, every student gets a good theoretical basis.

Why you should learn music theory with Bigfoot Tutors

Music theory online with Bigfoot Tutors allows you to study at home with the best tutors in the country. You don’t need to attend a specialised educational institution to get knowledge. You just sit in front of your computer and communicate with the tutor, who tells you the theory and gives the tasks. You will receive all needed materials in electronic form and you need only a computer and internet for studying.

Experienced music theory teacher will allow you to save a lot of time that you would spent if you taught yourself the subject. To begin studying with our tutors, you just need to select the appropriate tutor and contact them to discuss the time of first lesson, which is always for free.

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