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IT specialists are at a high demand today. A broad spectrum of well-paid positions is available in this field and their number continues to grow. Even if you are not planning to build career in IT sphere, computers and information technologies, IT skills has become integrated in our everyday lives and basic computer literacy are required in almost every employment area.

Our ICT tutors are able to increase your IT knowledge by adapting ICT lessons to your needs and help you reach your personal goals. Bigfoot ICT teachers are competent specialists in their field and have many years’ tutoring experience. They will develop an approach for students regardless of their age and level to meet their learning style.

One-to-one ICT training courses will improve both your knowledge and IT skills. Our tutors will cover all the areas that you find challenging and help you develop the practical skills you need and also prepare you for your exams.

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Bigfoot Tutors is one of the best private tuition websites that allows you to meet qualified and experienced ICT tutors. The site provides students with information about available tutors,their qualification, experience and reviews. Pick an ICT tutor that

Nowadays more and more people choose one-to-one online courses instead of traditional private lessons largely because of their affordability. Our average rate of our ICT tutors is £30 per hour, but it may vary depending on the ICT tutors experience and your level. You can find a particular tutor’s rate on their profile page.

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Online ICT lessons are so popular due to its convenience. You won’t disagree that studying from your home is much more enjoyable than sitting in the classroom, no matter how well-equipped it is.

At Bigfoot Tutors, we believe that studying should be enjoyable process and that friendly atmosphere and a great tutor is critical for success. That’s why learning ICT online with our skilled tutors is fun,easy and the best way as they make you feel confident and comfortable at the lessons. You can be sure that our ICT training courses will help you get solid IT skills.

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    My aim is to work with the student to overcome any obstacles in their learning, I am a very patient and enthusiastic individual who has a track record of improving grades. I am very well prepared and always willing...
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