Teaching English as a foreign language

Is English not your first language, but you really want to study it, then you have come to the right place. At Bigfoot we can you teach English as foreign language with our experienced tutors. We use different techniques for teaching native speakers and people not fluent in English because learning English as a foreign language requires more detailed examination and effect.

English is very technique language making it more complicated to learn than other languages. There are many irregular verbs, exceptions to the rule that you need to remember to speak and write the language at a good level. Our foreign language tutors understand that studying a foreign language can be challenging, as a result, they conduct their lessons allowing maximum understanding from their students.

The main purpose of studying an English as a foreign language course is to teach you to not only communicate English, but also express your thoughts in the correct way and manner.

Teaching English as a foreign language with Bigfoot tutors

We conduct teaching English as a foreign language for both children and adults. With the help of our tutors, you will receive the knowledge needed to use English on day-to-day basics as well as for passing your exams.

Bigfoots offers you a very convenient way, allowing you to study online from anywhere in the world and be taught my one of the best English tutors who are native speakers. Our online classroom allows you to send all necessary studying materials electronic form and interact with your tutor at anytime.

Benefits of learning English as a foreign language courses

If you would like to teach English as a foreign language, all you need to do is register on our site. Where you can find a list of tutors and information about each tutor allowing you to choose one and arrange a free trial session with them.

During your training session, our tutors will use the latest methods and materials. You will learn English directly from the supervision of our native speaking tutors. Our Simple and unobtrusive lessons will bring you not only the practical benefits, but also a lot of pleasure. Our tutors are have a relaxed teaching style adopting their style to meet your needs and speed of learning. They will make your learning experience fun, and worthwhile.

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