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Studying at A level is very different to studying at GCSE. In addition to more in-depth studying of the subjects, students are also expected to spend more time researching and reading in their own time. Chemistry is among the most important but challenging subjects at A level. This subject is highly valued by employers and universities and is essential for those who are planning to study medicine or pharmacy at university. If you or your child requires extra help with A Level Chemistry, you are welcome to contact one of our tutors above.

Bigfoot A Level tutors are experienced in the A Level curriculum and able to help children overcome the challenges of studying at A level. So if your child is having difficulties in general chemistry or with any particular area of the subject, Bigfoot Chemistry Tutors will be able to help.

Bigfoot A Level chemistry tutors are graduates from the most prestigious universities, holding the highest degrees in their field and having rich experience in Chemistry private tuition. To find the right tutor, visit their profiles to read about their tutoring experience, degrees and rates. Their profiles also include reviews left by former students. Our A Level chemistry tutors charge between £22 and £40 per hour. Their rates depend on their experience and the student’s level. You only pay for the lessons you have, and there are no monthly fees or joining costs.

Benefits of online A Level Chemistry tuition

Chemistry A Level distance learning is the most beneficial way of studying, offering extreme convenience, flexibility and efficiency. You will connect with your tutor in our virtual classroom, which you can access from anywhere on your computer. There is no need to purchase any textbooks or software. All you need to connect with your tutor is a webcam and a microphone. Your tutor will upload all the documents required for your studies to our virtual classroom. You will also both share an online whiteboard which makes the lesson lively and engaging.

Unlike full A Level chemistry course, private tuition gives a possibility to focus on particular areas of the subject. You can discuss with your tutor your weaknesses and you needs and he or she will tailor their lesson to meet your goals.

A-level Chemistry is a rigorous but ultimately rewarding course that helps students develop essential scientific skills and knowledge. Find a private tutor to help your child get through this challenging course.

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