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School exams may be approaching and you need to prepare for them. Maybe you want to improve your knowledge of chemistry and understand the structure and properties of different substances. Our chemistry tutors can be invaluable to help you to study this subject.

Chemistry is the science of substances, and the study of their structure and properties, as well as changes occurring to them. There are some core areas of the subject, including analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. You can study any of these areas on our chemistry courses.

Chemistry courses will be equally useful to pupils and students, as well as for applicants, who need to prepare for special entry. The knowledge received at our can be tailored for medical admissions and other university courses. Our experienced online chemistry tutors can help you to learn the material well and understand how to use the knowledge you receive in practice.

Our online chemistry courses provide a number of other benefits. Within the framework of individual lessons with a Bigfoot chemistry teacher, you can learn the elements of the periodic table, different chemicals and their reactions, reactions occurring in living organisms, physical phenomena and laws of chemical reactions, the chemistry of carbon compounds and many more key areas. Illustrative examples that our teachers use and detailed discussions around questions will help you to learn the material better.

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The learning process takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, in an interesting manner that allows the student to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from lessons. Our teachers chemistry are totally focused on the student and ready to answer all their questions, enabling them to achieve high results.

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Our chemistry courses online allow you to receive all necessary knowledge from experienced teachers with years of experience in a short time. Lessons are held in time chosen by you, and require you only to have a computer and an Internet connection. Each of our chemistry tutors has their own method of teaching, but all of them are able to reach out to any student irrespective of your age and proficiency in the subject. The main thing is to ensure you have the desire to learn!

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