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Do you need some help in preparing for exams in biology or do you just want to improve your knowledge of the subject? Do you feel out of the loop, when somebody is using words like CNS or Homo sapiens in conversation? Having with us could help biology lessons.

Study biology with an online tutor, who will give you all the attention, will be patient to you and will give you the maximum amount of information possible in a short space of time.

The learning biology process is convenient and interactive. You dont even need paper for your practice

With Bigfoot you have the opportunity to achieve high results quickly.

We offer а huge list of experienced and highly qualified tutors, and you can easily find the most suitable tutor for you. On the site we have Detailed profiles of biology teachers with information about their level of experience and their teaching methods to help you to make the right choice.

Biology tuition

It’s very simple to register as a student and study with one of our top biology tutors. All you need is - a computer with a webcam, and internet connection, and a desire to teach biology. Just choose a tutor, contact them, and ask for a trial lesson which will cost you nothing.

Why you should learn biology online with us

Biology distance learning is a fast and convenient way to learn the subject from scratch and a good way to deepen your knowledge. You don’t need to attend a specialized school or even leave your house. You can get all necessary knowledge sitting on your couch and interacting with the teacher on subjects across the syllabus of our online biology course.

These methods of teaching biology allow students to perceive information better without any distractions, as all attention is focussed solely on the computer screen. Individual distance biology lessons also guarantee more detailed study of the subject and better results.

Another reason to register as a student and learn with one of our biology tutors is an opportunity to get full and quality knowledge at a convenient time for you. It’s also important for you to know, that there are no restrictions on the age of the students. Young students as well as adults can study biology online with us.

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