Help your child succeed in their KS3 studies

Key Stage 3 is an essential time in every child’s development. Therefore, it’s completely understandable, that as a parent you would like your child to achieve their full potential. Bigfoot Tutors offers a wide variety of highly qualified tutors specializing in all subjects taught at Key Stage 3, including KS3 Science, Maths and English. Our tutors have extensive experience in helping children boost their confidence, improve their in-class performance and prepare for their exams.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our KS3 tutors. We have a strict recruitment procedure to maintain the high standards of the tutors we provide. All our tutors are extensively interviewed and examined before being introduced to you. They have at least two-year tutoring or teaching experience and higher degrees or qualifications from the most prestigious universities. Visit tutors’ profiles to find out more about their approach, experience and academic backgrounds.

How Key Stage 3 tutoring can help?

Whether your child needs help with KS3 Science, Maths, English, or any other subject, Bigfoot Tutors can help them boost their grades and enable them to reach their full potential. Your child will increase in confidence and motivation in the subject and develop their personal learning of the subject that can be applied to other subjects.

As a parent, you are welcome to discuss with the tutor the difficulties your child has and tell them what areas you want to be covered. For example, you can ask the tutor to help your child with their Science KS3 homework assignment, improve their Maths grades or prepare for an English exam. You can book as few or as many lessons with a private tutor as you need; there is no minimum required number of lessons.

With a private tutor, you child can study from anywhere and anytime. Our KS3 tutors work seven days a week, including non-business hours, so you will easily schedule the lessons according to your child’s busy lifestyle.

To find the right KS3 tutor, simply choose the subject and level you need (for example, Science Key Stage 3) and you will get a list of the tutors that can help your child. Browse the list of our Key Stage 3 tutors and choose the one who suits you the most. Bok a free 15-minute trial to ensure that the tutor you have chosen can help your child.

Find a highly qualified Key Stage 3 tutor for your child and enjoy the benefits of Key Stage 3 distance learning.

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  • “All of my Students Improve by AT LEAST two Grades. ..... ((( Aiming for A an A*)))”
    I believe that learning is quite addictive especially when learners begin improving and achieving better grades. That is why initially I focus on identifying your preferred learning style and hence the teaching approach...
    Expect a response in 1 hour Response rate 97%
  • “Geography, Religious Studies, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Examiner for 5 UK exam boards”
    I am a very calm teacher believing that the best way for anyone to achieve is to believe in their potential and to make them feel special. I have a wealth of exam board experience and understand how numerous exam...
    Expect a response in 2 hours Response rate 99%
  • “MATHS TUTOR - GCSE, iGCSE, A- level including FURTHER MATHS , QTS. Professional and experienced. Contact”
    I am a professional Maths Tutor experienced in tutoring A-level maths, further maths and GCSE maths. Let me help you really understand the maths you are studying. I can identify the topics you need help with and fill...
    Expect a response in 2 days Response rate 99%
  • “Do want to achieve good results in your GCSEs? Experienced English teacher & examiner-now taking on new students -”
    One to one tuition is an alternative to the normal classroom experience and can help to personalise learning, develop confidence and enhance key skills. I provide one to one tuition in Secondary English & English...
    Expect a response in 7 hours Response rate 93%
  • “A private tutor for 18 years”
    One to one tuition offers the opportunity to provide an alternative approach to the classroom environment. Each student has different ways of learning and committing to paper the results of their studies. My aim...
    Expect a response in 17 hours Response rate 71%
  • “Catch UP and Get AHEAD Tuition. 25+ years experience as a teacher and tutor of Maths and Physics. Enquiries: Send email to”
    Dear Parent / Student, Whatever the student needs help with - homework, coursework guidance, specific topics, revision strategies, or exam technique and practice at past exam papers, etc. . . my help is available, and...
    Expect a response in 3 hours Response rate 100%
  • “Experienced Maths, English Language, English Literature and Psychology tutor based in Cramlington, Northumberland. Tel 07950 908 272”
    I have a first class honours degree in Education, 30 years teaching experience and have been a full time private tutor for 5 years. I can help you achieve your academic and career goals. Tel 07950 908 272 or email l.florence...
    Expect a response in 9 hours Response rate 100%
  • “GCSE, A level and college level subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 7 years experience. write me at”
    Hello there, I can describe myself as a simple and curious kind of person which makes me flexible in any conditions. I always want to learn different things and also want to share that is why I love to teach which is...
    Expect a response in 5 hours Response rate 78%
  • “As Bigfoot is currently not taking bookings, feel free to contact me at”
    I have a real passion for teaching and have gained a lot of experience throughout my career. I always put the interest of my students first, endeavour to make them reach their full potential and give them a sense of...
    Expect a response in 8 hours Response rate 50%