Distance Learning online: The Progressive Way of Studying

We live in a busy world where people value their time more than ever. We look for every possibility to make the most of our time. As a result, distance learning has become extremely popular among students of all ages and nationalities. It has been reviewed as great alternative to master your skills and knowledge without having to receive traditional learning. If you are looking for an online tutor to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, BigFoot Tutors are here to meet your needs.

Many students use online distance learning because of the flexibility that it offers. With Bigfoot Tutors, you are able to fit time to learn into your busy schedule. While, others choose distance learning online because the subject that they wish to study is not available in the nearby school, and travelling to a school far away is time-consuming. As a distance student, you are able to study whenever, wherever and whatever you want.

One of the main reasons why people study through distance learning is that it cost less. Online private lessons are generally cheaper than traditional classroom lessons. In addition, taking online classes reduces commuting costs.

Another major benefit of UK distance learning is students can learn at their own pace. They can spend more time on topics which they find most challenging and can skip the modules they are familiar with.

Distance learning UK is also a great option for students with learning difficulties who need additional academic support. Private tutors know how to create a supporting studying environment and help those with special education needs, to overcome their problems.

How distance learning at Bigfoot Tutors is arranged?

BigFoot Tutors is a website providing experienced and highly qualified UK distance learning tutors specialising in various areas from humanities to natural sciences. To find the right tutor, simply choose the subject that you want to master and your level and you will get a list of available tutors who teach your chosen subject. Look through their profiles to find out more information on each tutor, which includes their tutoring approach, experience, rates per hour and qualifications. Choose a tutor that meets your expectations the most and request a free trial with them. Once you are pleased with this particular tutor, go ahead and book paid lessons with them.

All you need to participate in an online distance learning classes is a computer, internet, a microphone and a webcam. Classes are held in our virtual classroom, where both tutor and student can upload files and share an online whiteboard.

A great advantage of distance learning online is you are free to discuss with your tutors the topics you would like to cover. In addition, your tutor will tailor their classes to your particular needs and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Online distance learning is certainly the best way to get the most out of your studies.

Enjoy unique experience of distance learning with Bigfoot Tutors!

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  • “An experienced online tutor who truly puts students' individual needs at the heart of his teaching.”
    In a calm and methodical way, I allow students to be themselves, instilling them with the confidence necessary to succeed by continual nurturing, encouragement and praise. With me students can reach their full potential. Each...
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  • “Teacher/Lecturer of Art, Fashion and Textiles and ESOL”
    Passionate, professional and certified Art and Design tutor/lecturer who can make positive contributions in developing creativity and critical thinking through inspiring and motivating learners to realise and achieve...
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  • “Bigfoot Tutors is now closed, please email me at carl.thirsk@sciencetutor.me”
    Expert science tuition from a qualified chemistry teacher and examiner with an outstanding track record of helping students to achieve top grades. With a Master's and PhD in chemistry and over 15 years' teaching experience,...
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  • “I love problem solving and puzzles and this ability has enhanced my enthusiasm for maths.”
    I am happy to discuss with the student the area/s they want to concentrate on within the curriculum and then find the best way to go about assisting them. I feel this not only promotes understanding of the particular...
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  • “YOU CAN do it...I'll show you how.. Professional and 8+ years experienced (Computer Science & Programming)”
    - Students provided with demo classes so that you can be assure of quality - Understanding student's problem areas - Explanation of the lesson with examples - Clarification of any doubts. - Assignments - Assignments...
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