Gemma Morgan

“Aiming for high GCSE grades? Contact Private tutor for 5+ years and an experienced GCSE examiner.”
67% response rate
6 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

I have been tutoring for a number of years. I am happy to offer intense tuition prior to the onset of examinations, helping students understand what the questions are actually asking and thus helping them to how to set out their answers for maximum marks. I do also offer a more structured online tuition experience for students that require more detailed subject intervention.

My approach to tuition is tailored to the individual needs of the student, where lessons are planned in a way that is at all times appropriate to a students' current educational needs. I like to ensure that the student remains fully engaged and that any issues are resolved via question and answer sessions during the lesson.

I use current exam papers for practice, guiding the student to attain a sense of achievement and hence gain confidence that they can take with them to class tests, coursework tasks, general homework and of course the examination room.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 5+ years

I have worked in the private tuition sector , tutoring students online and within their homes for a number of years. I am also a subject specialist examiner (Mathematics/Biology/Chemistry-G.C.S.E) for one of the UK's major exam boards.

Working in local comprehensive schools dealing with numeracy and literacy intervention.

Working in private tuition sector for at least 5 years. Working online on other tuition sites for approximately a year.


  • Currently studying Economics and Mathematical Sciences degree - Year3
  • Mathematics and Science examiner for major UK boards.
  • Current Valid D.B.S
  • Learning support and exam preparation session coordinator in local High school.
  • Numeracy and Literacy interventions in local primary schools.
  • A-level- Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Philosophy.
  • GCSE - Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English Language and Psychology.


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