Cristina Navarro Sanchis

“Dedicated, Professional, Experienced”
481 lessons
65% response rate
21 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

It is my firm belief that with the right approach, just about anyone can be taught to excel in anything. When tutoring it is key to think on one's feet and to tailor lesson preparation to the exact strengths and weaknesses of the tutee. I am committed to the success of my students and put in effort both inside, and outside of the classroom to ensure they make fast progress. Regardless of their current aptitude for a subject I am to inspire additional interest and expand understanding as much as possible.

When tutoring for Oxbridge I focus on interview technique and fostering creative responses to tough questions – taken from previous subject interviews. This technique has proved successful with former students and equips candidates to tackle the high pressure inherent in the interview process.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 6+ years

Since 2007 I have tutored students of wide ranging abilities in a range of subjects. I currently provide tuition for all levels of Biology, Chemistry and Spanish speaking and literature.

I have successfully guided students through the Oxbridge application and interview process for natural sciences.


  • Honours degree: Neuroscience at Cambridge
  • A level's: A*A*A*AAB
  • Additional As levels: aaa
  • Spanish Baccalaureate: 13.7/14
  • Top of the world in Spanish Literature A Level 2011
  • GCSE's: 12A* 1A


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