Lindsay Morlock

“Purposeful and enjoyable lessons from a Cambridge language graduate”
8 lessons
57% response rate
8 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

Fully qualified secondary MFL teacher with experience teaching GCSE and A-LEVEL French and GCSE Spanish with the AQA syllabus.

Where possible and desirable, I like to conduct my lessons in the language being studied, for increased exposure to the language being studied.

I like to adapt each lesson to the individual needs of the students, as each person comes with their own specific requirements, covering full range of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening according to need.


When it comes to material, I like to keep it fun, interesting, informative and relevant! With this combination, achieved through music, video clips, newspaper articles and extracts from a range of sources. Tailored to interest of students!

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 5+ years

Qualified Secondary Modern Foreign Languages teacher with 3 years experience teaching French to A-Level and Spanish to GCSE on the AQA syllabus


English language teacher in a secondary school in Hong Kong, designing creative and communicative lessons in target language for pupils aged 11-18 (2015-2016)

British Council English Language Assistant in a grammar school in Germany. Conversation classes, culture lessons, a creative writing club, English theatre production and grammar workshops (2011-2012)

Private tutoring with 'Die Zweite Chance', a charitable organisation helping underprivileged and underachieving youngsters in Germany. 1-1 tutoring in English as a Foreign Language as well as a range of further academic school subjects for schoolchildren aged 11-17.(2012-2013)


  • - PGCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages (2017)
  • - M.Litt Identity Studies University of St Andrews (2015)
  • - BA (Hons) Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German) University of Cambridge (2013)
  • - CELTA certificate at International House London (2012)
  • -Scottish Advanced Highers: French (A), German (A) (2009)


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