Benjamin Cowburn

“You don't have to get stuck with science! Practical and down-to-earth help is available!”
43% response rate
3 days response time

My tutoring approach

The most important part of teaching is to help the student understand why things are a certain way, not just accept facts. Through questions, suggestions and using real-world examples I try to help the student to realise the answers for themselves. The final step is to get the student to explain back to me what we have just learned. This process increases confidence and memory of the particular topic they are working on.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 3+ years

I have tutored for four years with another tutoring agency, teaching a wide range of abilities and learning styles. I mostly taught year 9 up until the end of A-levels, and have experience with the main UK examining boards and their curricula.


  • PhD Zoology
  • BA Oxon in Biological Sciences, Grade 2:1
  • A-level Biology, Grade A
  • A-level Chemistry, Grade A
  • A-level Geography, Grade A
  • AS-level Maths, Grade A


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