Benjamin Cornish

“Out of hours tutoring”
100% response rate
6 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

I do not want to spend an hour doing your homework. I want to spend an hour taking the first 10 minutes to help you do your homework, then 50 minutes teaching you how to solve the problems so well you can teach your friends. And any time left over going over anything else, or just inspiring you about some of the more interesting areas of Maths.

I also work with adults who need to go back to learning GCSE or A level maths, either for work or just for fun, and so I specialise in early morning and late night tutoring, for those who perhaps have a difficult working schedule.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 2+ years

I am currently studying at Aberystwyth University, reading mathematical and theoretical physics. I am in my fourth year, completing my Masters. I am currently on track to recieve a Distinction.


  • GCSE A* (Maths and Physics)
  • A level A (Maths)
  • B (Physics)
  • C (Further maths)
  • Lots of other AS levels, and lots of other GCSEs


This calendar shows my availability.


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