Dr. Stephanie Andrews

“BigFoot is not taking new bookings, but I can if you contact: info@satutors.co.uk”
211 lessons
93% response rate
5 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

I strive to make the sessions effective, interesting, and fun while tailoring to the student's needs. Tutoring online allows the student be interactive with the whiteboard and myself. An interactive whiteboard means I can quickly posts notes or formulas on-screen that are needed, and the student can also try problems that I have posted geared towards where the student needs help. The student and I can also upload past papers and go through them interactively on screen and video.

I encourage students to ask questions so that the content and pace of the tuition can be precisely tuned to the needs of the student. Attention can be targeted at the areas where the student needs help, at the areas identified by a specific exam or curriculum, or at any areas that a student feels they might wish to explore further. With younger students, parents/guardians are naturally kept fully up-to-date on progress.

I help with students and adults of all levels with any of their needs, however, I specialise in test prep, particularly the GCSEs, A levels, SATs, ACTs, GMATs, and GREs.

I genuinely love teaching students and seeing them improve. In my spare time I am writing a mathematics book on it's uses in everyday day life, how it's found in nature and how it may be used in medicine.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 15+ years

Over the past decade I have completed over 10,000 hours of teaching and tutoring, working with hundreds of students of all ages and levels with very successful results. If a student is willing to put in the work and focus it is common to have a student go from a failing grade to an A within a few months or less. I have taught home school students, private schools and public school students both in the UK and the USA.

In addition to providing both online and in-home tuition, I have both designed the lessons and taught English, Science, and Maths classrooms online around the England and Wales for ages 8 to 19.

If you are interesting in a session you are welcome to try the 15 minute free trial ahead of time. Please note: once you sign up for the free trial you are expected to be there on the time and date of the trial, but you can change the date and time if needed.


  • *Doctorate, PhD, Philisophy, University of Sedona, USA
  • *Master's Degree (High Honours) Chinese Medicine, Emperor's College, USA
  • *Master's Degree, Metephysical Science, University of Sedona, USA
  • *Bachelor's Degree, Mathematics, Occidental College, USA


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