Colin McAlister

“An experienced online tutor who truly puts students' individual needs at the heart of his teaching.”
10 lessons
100% response rate
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My tutoring approach

In a calm and methodical way, I allow students to be themselves, instilling them with the confidence necessary to succeed by continual nurturing, encouragement and praise. With me students can reach their full potential.

Each student in an individual and has their own learning style. So "one size fits all" is not appropriate. I design bespoke lessons that suit individual needs: that have clear learning objectives and purpose.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 20+ years

Teaching online is second nature to me because I have so for many years been using video conferencing, audio conferencing and different virtual learning environments as a tutor with Continuing Education at Aberdeen University. I understand the different dynamics involved in a virtual classroom and techniques that are available to improve the online experience. This is because I have been a tutor in such an environment, and also an online student- as my Masters’ Degree was on Online and Distance Learning and was studied wholly online.

Whilst it is true that I have only be formally teaching English for a short time, I have informal experience with students in the past, in particular a summer course, teaching conversational English and helping foreign students with their English at Aberdeen University.

I have just completed 70 hours teaching with Angloville in Budapest. This involved dealing mainly with professionals, of differing abilities, in an immersion program designed largely for Business English, and with some general English. Much was one to one teaching, although there was an element of tandem teaching, group work and negotiations. I also had to mentor a student throughout the program, so she was able to do a presentation at the end of the week.

Since then, I have tutored a Hungarian student through her Euroexam B2 exam, in an intensive program through Skype. By doing this I am also familiar with IELTS exams.


  • 2015- The TEFL Academy-TEFL Certificate with Distinction – 120hrs: 20 hours face to face and 100 hours online
  • June 2015- i to i- Certificate in Teaching Business English
  • June 2015- i to i- Certificate in Teaching English Online
  • June 2015- i to i- Certificate of Achievement TESOL 20 hours
  • May 2005 - Open University - MA in Online and Distance Education. Three courses made up the 120 credits. These were: implementation of open and distance learning, application of open and distance learning and understanding flexible and distributive learning.
  • Sept 2004 - @duline Aberdeen University and the University of Torfu – Design of Online Courses and Online Tutoring.
  • July 1992 - Aberdeen University – Upper Second Bachelor of Divinity in Single Honours Church History.
  • Aberdeen University - an advanced course in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000


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