Omar Alami-Chaouni

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My tutoring approach

A lot of people consider MATH to be just a four letter word. However, I will teach you the reason why MATH is something to love. It is a language of reason. It can be loved for its application, beauty and certainty.

I have a passion for teaching. Not just knowing, but for understanding. To begin with I start with mental arithmetic and use it as a warm-up exercise in order to go through some basic skills (focussing on the student's weaknesses). These warm-ups can last the whole lesson especially as these could help exam-performance gains. Note, this is one of the reasons my tutoring is such good value: all of these warm ups are tuned to exactly the level of the student and above. Personalised questions means that confidence and skills grow faster: good confidence and basic skills means that the student can then start working on exam questions. I help my students develop their common sense and logic. I use visual Maths in order to maximise learning not just text and numbers. After Maths is everywhere and is used in everyday life. MATH is the language of science. You can also use it to model how your money grows.

"Male teacher providing private lessons in your own home one to one or one to a group. From taking body measurements to pattern making to sewing by hand then sewing using electric sewing machines. Courses also available for a group of learners prices are normally £10 per extra student/learner. Special and specific item making lessons such dressmaking, shirt making, trouser making or skirt making... and many more are also available on request. For more information please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile number or through my email."

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 20+ years

Last three years I have worked for the following secondary schools. Winston Churchill and Furze Platt. I have been teaching the new 9-1 curriculum to KS3 and KS4s. I have also been teaching AS and A level maths.

I am a full time Mathematics teacher at a secondary school based in Berkshire. I love teaching and enjoy to see students learn and making progress as well as help them achieve their full potential and increase their confidnece. I have a passion for teaching. Not just knowing, but for understanding. I have been teaching Maths at various levels from Key Stages 1&2 (at primary level) to Key Stages 3&4 at secondary level as well as up to A-Level. I also taught Maths at NWK College for 5 years. I prepare students for their GCSE OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA exams. I also help prepare students for their entry exams to Eton, Winchester, Westmenster... Colleges. Also, in the past I joined West way Development trust as one of their volunteers and helped children of Kensington & Chelsea area with their Mathematical needs. As a multilingual person I also like to teach both French and Arabic when time allows.


  • BEng (Hons) degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering 2:1 Upper
  • PGCE in Education
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Triple Science
  • Safegatding
  • Up to date DBS
  • Child protection training
  • C&G in Computer Aided Design
  • Plus Nortel Networks Prof Qualifications...


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