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My tutoring approach

I am doing PhD Electronics and Electrical Engineer. I have learnt during my education and experience that not everyone has same the learning curve and approach. Therefore, I deal with each student individually and on merit. I give my 100% during the learning hours and keep student engage with me out of learning hours as well. This technique makes sure that the students are developing their interest for the subject which leads them to explore the subject with broader scope. I give my students different manageable and enjoyable tasks to fully understand and grasp the gist of the subject under light.

Grades are extremely important and it comes through understanding of the correct knowledge, therefore I always encourage my students to ask me questions again and again during session and out of hours until we both are fully satisfied that they know what they are learning.

My students are my family, I feel satisfied when I see a smile on my students' face once they learn something new and I feel proud on their success.

Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 10+ years

Through out my career I have been involved with industries and academics. I have more than 8 years of teaching experience to students from diverse fields.

-R&D Engineer.

-NSS System and Design Engineer

-Design Engineer Team Lead - UOG Formula Racing Team


  • -Ph.D. (ongoing) Electronics and Electrical Engineering.
  • -Bachelors of Engineering Electronics and Electrical Engineering. 2011. (University of Glasgow)


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