Oliver Spaether

“I teach German, English in private and TEFL lessons and I coach students in economics. Lately I added up translation to my coursework. Many Thanks”
50% response rate
10 hrs response time

My tutoring approach

I have taught international students from around the world, Europe and Asia, and I am very interested to have a part in their lives respectfully as well as sharing my surrounding with them and for them to learn about culture and student activities in the UK.

My students usually reach their targets, and I cannot remember having had a student that left with the impression of having wasted his time in the course.


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Professional experience

Tutoring experience: 10+ years

I have not stopped teaching since I did my GCSE, because I enjoy it. Being a Project Manager by profession I work as a teacher in my spare time, on a set of tasks after I get home from work, and it works out very well.

I have other hobbies, ranging from an interest in crafting and creative artwork, in summer I do sports and in winter I study more.

My experience as a teacher started, when I assisted friends at school to prepare for their school and college exams, nowadays I offer correction of dissertations to becoming international graduates, that would include such subjects as natural sciences and maths and business studies.


  • 10 years ago I was awarded an ESF talent diploma for Media Marketing, that was in NRW Germany, and last year I was awarded an ESF talent diploma for Creativity and its Marketing, in Wales UK. Both are rated equivalent to the university level 5.
  • I study ongoing, my latest certificates are Project Management L3, Equality and Diversity for Human Recruitment L2, together with some fashion design and media studies journalism certificates.
  • I have sometimes been asked to explain, why I have no Celta. I would not mind doing a Celta course, but I have never needed one. I have got a TEFL qualification and am working on an update to my TEFL to be completed this spring. I teach the German language as well, I presume that's a C1 level by the end of this month, mainly private lessons recommended by language schools, for students looking for work in Germany or just students who want to go on a holiday in Berlin. Thus I have come up with my personal conclusion, that there are so many examinations in the world that one cannot just do them all.


This calendar shows my availability.


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