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Article in The Times: 09/05/10. Journalist: Caroline Scott

“The message is positive and liberating: your potential grade is commensurate with your grasp of exam technique; it has nothing to do with you failing as an individual because you have low ability.” Read full article
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Article in The Daily Mail: 05/11/10. Journalist: Sarah Stacey

“The school predicted James a D/E grade for politics. Despite the short tuition time, he achieved a good C, borderline B. ‘It was marvellous,’ says his mother.“ Read full article

Parent Reviews

Joanna Suddaby, mother:

“ It was pleasing to see Sarah's grades and equally important, her confidence, improve with The Tutor Crowd ”

Tanya de Jager, mother:

“ Just to let you know that Saskia's results were unexpected! B's in both English language and literature, utterly brilliant for a dyslexic that was predicted a D in January! ”

Kay Walker, mother:

“ Great news. Grade A in Geography AS! Will be in touch about next term ”

Julia Wendon, mother:

“ Alex did pretty well - thanks to you all -he got C's in both English exams with an overall B in additional science with his additional units getting a B in chemistry and C in biology and an A * in physics thank you all !! ”

Parent Susan Moss, son Daniel is dyspraxic:

“ My initial experience on the phone was very positive, and my son was quickly set up with a personal online mentor/ revision organiser, plus an individual online tutor for one particular subject he was struggling with. The Tutor Crowd approach is very pragmatic "can do", which I really felt was tailored to my son's needs. The first thing it gave him was a "structure" to his revision, which I think immediately relieved a lot of pressure - most schools, no matter how supportive, expect students at this level to organise their own time and be responsible for their own revision. The Tutor Crowd was also good for his organisational skills because he had a one-to-one relationship with people who he felt had his personal interests at heart. The fact that he had to engage with a tutor one-on-one and interact with them personally three of four times a week made him feel more responsible and gave him control over the organisation of his revision – something that we as parents had consistently failed to achieve over the years, despite strenuous efforts. ”