Young Entrepreneurs: Children in Business

Young Entrepreneurs: Children in Business

Children are full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises can mean paint on the walls or a football through next door’s window. Other times, they can be in the form of genius exam results or uncanny business acumen.

These young people have shown skills in startups that many adults could only dream of. The list of impressive young entrepreneurs is fairly extensive, but the following have made it on to this list because they are so young, talented and driven.

Nina Devani



Forgetting passwords is right up there with losing your keys – incredibly annoying and almost entirely unavoidable.

Nina created an app that prompts you on usernames and passwords, without giving them away. She has enjoyed a £10 million of private investment, and was the youngest ever nomination for the NatWest Everywomen Awards 2014.

She said of being a young business woman: “it takes hard work and perseverance to make those dreams in to a reality.”

Ben Towers


Tower Designs

At 16 years old, Ben employs 15 people in the company he founded when he was just 13. At that stage, he was being paid by friends and families to create websites. Now, Tower Designs creates websites for small and medium sized businesses on a budget.

He’s set to have a £500K turnover this year, and is raising a funding round for his next venture, Social Marley.

Lizzie Marie Likness


Lizzie Marie Cuisine

Lizzie shares healthy recipes, encouraging a more conscious approach to cooking. She also received a grant from to teach healthy cooking in her community.

Moziah Bridges


Mo’s Bows

Adorable Moziah is not just a pretty face – he has created his own business for handcrafter bow ties. This 12 year old doesn’t just have the practical sense, but is also tapping in to what’s on-trend, and harnessing ‘geek chic’.

He said: “My mentors always tell me to be sure that the price is right on my product, and not to spend money on silly things.”