Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk

“Span the world with friendship”: This is the ethos of Woodcraft Folk, a British organisation that welcomes everyone to take part in understanding the bigger issues of the world.

Created in 1925, Woodcraft Folk is the perfect antidote to the pitfalls of the modern day. It is open to anyone, of any age, background, belief or origin. Thousands of young people and volunteers meet in venues across the country, discussing the current issues through activities such as singing, debating and camping.

Every individual who joins Woodcraft is to develop a strong sense of self-confidence and belief, empathy and awareness of society around them. The campaigns that Woodcraft align themselves showcase a broad spectrum of interests.

The Visa Campaign intends to pressurize the UKBA to grant Visas that allow young people to travel the world with more freedom, meet other young people and therefore speed up the process of global social development. A Right to Refuge has seen members getting involved with welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

And the organisation has long been involved in anti-racist and anti-facist activities. They promote and contribute to the enormously successful Love Music Hate Racism initiative, and that’s not the extent of their involvement in this issue. In fact, before the Second World War, Woodcraft members were involved in the transportation and sheltering of Jewish children from Nazi Germany and occupied countries.

Woodcraft offers a different kind of education; beyond academic learning, the organisation teaches young people empathy and understanding of their fellow citizens. Their constitutional objective is “to educate and empower young people to be able to participate actively in society, improving their lives and others’ through active citizenship.” Find out more on the organisation here.