Why Arabic is so difficult to learn

Learning a foreign language is always tough, but it is even more difficult when dealing with Arabic. This language is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, and it is not a groundless assumption. The main reason why most English-speaking learners are struggling with Arabic is that this language has so little in common with English and other European languages. Let’s consider some of the most challenging aspects of Arabic language:

- Arabic script. Arabic does not use Latin alphabet. Instead, you will have to learn 28 Arabic letters that are written from the right to the left. In addition, written Arabic doesn’t contain vowels. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. You just need some time to get used to it.

- Grammar. Arabic grammar is another challenge for English-speaking learners. Here are some “oddities” (just to name a few): there are thirteen forms of the present tense in Arabic; the object is usually places after the verb; presence of dual number; Arabic nouns have gender.

- Phonetics. Arabic language has many sounds that are not present in English. They are spoken from the back of the throat, which may seem unusual no English-speakers.

- Vocabulary. Arabic belongs to completely different language family than English –Afroasiatic. That’s the reason why there are few words in Arabic than resemble any European languages.

But while learning Arabic is rather tough, it also can be rewarding. Being the fifth most spoken language in the world, Arabic is native to more than 200 million people. Arabic speakers are in great demand and knowing this language will give you a career edge in such areas as business, government, politics, diplomacy, and international relations. That’s why, when choosing a second language to learn, many students consider Arabic a good language choice.

If you have difficulties in learning Arabic, you can always find a tutor to help you overcome your weaknesses. You can be sure that online tutoring is the best way to master your skills in any subject. In addition to convenience and affordability, online lessons offer the possibility to focus on your particular needs and to choose topics you would like to cover. With an experienced tutor, you will realize that Arabic is far from impossible to learn, even despite its difficulties.

Online private tuition is certainly the best way to learn Arabic online. Find a tutor and enjoy the process!