In The Spotlight: Rachel Fisher

In The Spotlight: Rachel Fisher

In the third instalment of our In The Spotlight series, we catch up with Rachel Fisher, one of our English tutors. We chat online tuition, relaxing with family, and top tips for the exam season.

What gave you the idea to tutor online?

I've tutored on a one to basis ever since I began teaching and really enjoyed it, but with a full time job and two young children it was becoming difficult to do. Tutoring online means I can still do something I enjoy while not having to worry about childcare or travelling. A perfect solution.

What do you enjoy about tutoring online? ?

Most of all I enjoy helping students to reach their target grades and improve their confidence. Tutoring online means I can reach more students and use a number of different resources easily which was not always possible face to face. Students are more engaged, more focused and it is more convenient for all involved.

Is there anything about it you don't enjoy?

Not really. Although I do sometimes miss being able to write on paper and see a student’s writing in the lesson. On the whole, I find it works really well.

How is it different from teaching a class full of students?

It is very different. In a class of 30 it is impossible to give everyone the attention that they need all of the time. Tutoring on a one to one basis means I am able to establish a relationship with the student, answer questions that in a class situation might not be asked and be able to give instant feedback.

What do you like to do to relax?

I like spending time with my family. I live near the beach and the moors and I like nothing better than spending the day out with them. Although curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon is a good way to chill out and have some ‘me time’.

What's your top tip for this exam season?

Stay calm, read the questions carefully and remember it is all about showing the examiner what you know.

Thanks Rachel! You can see Rachel's profile on our website here.