Productivity for the Procrastinator #4

Productivity for the Procrastinator #4

The superfocus approach is a great way to avoid procrastination and organise the tasks you need to do.

#4 Superfocus

Using a notebook, list down the left hand side all of the tasks you have coming up. You can put them in any order, and add more as you go. Scan the list, assess what’s there and decide on which task you would like to complete. You can complete as many tasks as you like – if you run out of things you fancy doing, move on to the next page. Once you’ve finished you simply start again, until all of the items of your list are completed.

Now, the right hand side of the page is also a ‘to do’ list, but it’s for the more urgent tasks. It is also where you store the tasks from column 1 that you start and have not finished.

Whilst you can move on from page 1 regardless of where you are with column 1’s activities, you must have finished all of the urgent items in the second list.

There are more rules to this as documented in this blog, which really do make it an effective tool for completing everything you need to, including the more yawn-some bits. Once you’ve got to grips with the idea, you’ll see how it can prevent the more unappealing tasks falling out of the back of your mind, and lost forever to a big black hole.