Productivity for the Procrastinator #5

Productivity for the Procrastinator #5 The last in our productivity series! We hope that in the five produvtitiy techniques we have gone over, you’ve found something that suits you. It might be one of them perfectly fits your routine or approach, or an amalgamation of aspects from different ones.

If there's a technique you've developed yourself, or an approach you find really effective, please let us know! We'd love to hear your ideas, and share with other procrastinating students.

So, we are rounding off the series with ‘Must, Should, Want’ – a technique by Jay Shirley. And it’s very simple. It's perfect if you have a mountain of work to complete, projects to hand in, essays to finish and revision to get stuck in to - but somehow the idea of all work and no play doesn't seem such an attractive prospect.

You wake up in the morning, and right away make a to-do list:

1. I must…. (a high-priority that will be immediately effective)

2. I should… (something that will contribute to longer-term goals)

3. I want … (something you would like to do)

So, you complete a task that is life-or-death (maybe not that dramatic), you lay the foundations for something further in the future, and you get to take part in something you enjoy to stop you losing your marbles.

Before starting your next to-do list, review what you’ve got done. It helps to see the achievements you’ve made, and to identify the areas that you will need to continue working on.