In The Spotlight: Katherine Lister

In The Spotlight: Katherine Lister

We catch up with Katherine, a psychology and biology tutor, about the online classroom, tennis, and tutoring in pyjamas!

What gave you the idea to tutor online?

I heard about it from word of mouth. Talking to other people who have starting tutoring online, they had very positive things to say about it.

What do you enjoy about tutoring online?

I like the fact that it can be completely flexible and fit into your daily routine. Generally the students are very understanding that you have other commitments and being able to schedule lessons in the evenings when you have free time is great.

Is there anything about it you don't enjoy?

Occasionally technology can fail and it can make the lesson very frustrating when you lose tutoring time because the internet connection fails.

What do you do when you're not tutoring?

I am an assistant clinical psychologist with children and adolescents.

What do you like to do to relax?

I enjoy sport and play tennis and hockey regularly, but also enjoy catching up on TV and socialising with friends.

Has tutoring helped you developed skills that help you elsewhere in life?

It has made me a lot more confident in my abilities and showing me that I can actually pass on knowledge that I’ve gained through education to other people. It has definitely developed my communication skills and helped me to understand how to rephrase information to help others to engage with me. Communication skills are vital in almost every other aspect of life, and tutoring has allowed me to practice and hone these skills.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

Hopefully as a clinical psychologist studying or working in London, and of course still tutoring in the evenings!

Be honest - have you ever tutored in your PJs?

Yes… sometimes they are all you want to wear after you get back from work and I’m sure the students wouldn’t judge – I assume a lot of them have had lessons in their PJs too!

Thanks Katherine! You can take a look at Katherine’s profile on our website here.