Home From Uni: The Ups and Downs

Home From Uni: The Ups and Downs

The first night of university is, without a doubt, a daunting one. Some take to it easier than others, but the first night living away from home is a big moment.

Once the anxiety and excitement of fresher’s week is over, you find yourself emerging from a haze of parties, and life does eventually start to seem normal again. You go to university, take advantage of any student events or cheap deals going on in the evening, and return to halls, which eventually you will start to refer to as ‘home’.

Which is why returning to your parent’s home can be a shock to the system. Remember how crazy your dad goes when you don’t text if you’re not coming home? Or when you’re not back for dinner in time and get a lecture about respect from your mum? Or, as soon as you leave the house your sister goes through your wardrobe and steals all her clothes back from you?

Going home can be overwhelming. You’ve tasted true freedom and independence for the first time, and suddenly it’s taken away from you. This is a good thing – because university is your home now. Once you get used to this fact, going back to see your parents will become less of a shock to the system and more of a welcome break.

The highlights of being home for a break such as Easter will become evident. Hot, home-cooked meals, hot water, in fact a warm house in general; friends from home, your mad grandparents and Sky TV. And obviously the company of your wonderful parents, with whom you might find you develop a weirdly mature relationship.

Consider yourself as having well and truly flown the nest, and enjoy your holidays with your family.