Jamie Oliver: The Fight for Healthy School Dinners

Jamie Oliver: The Fight for Healthy School Dinners

Jamie Oliver is thought of as a national treasure, and deservedly so. It’s not just his charm, idyllic family life and the fact that he can (and has) cooked delicious feasts out of bare cupboards. It’s also the passion that he has sparked in the discussion around school dinners; he has woken up parents, teachers and authorities to the absolute necessity to feed our children healthy lunches.

His campaign/documentary in 2005 started in Kidbrooke School, where the budget for each child’s daily meal was 37p. His radical approach exceeded the budget, increased the workload and caused panic among students who wondered where on earth their Turkey Twizzlers and chips were.

Despite the obstacles, Jamie persevered. He introduced a boot camp led by the army’s catering division, teaching dinner ladies how to cook vast amounts of healthy food efficiently. He campaigned to the government and secured additional funding, including $280 million for schools to build kitchens.

His work in this area is far from over; in fact, it gains momentum with every new signature of his food revolution campaign, demanding that every country of the G20 takes action in food education. Diet-related diseases are on the up, and there are currently 42 million obese children worldwide.

It’s vital that we get on board with the #FoodRevolutionDay on May 15th. You could host an event, organise a challenge, or put on a healthy snack sale in a school or your office. It’s a fantastic way to raise awareness of the global issues surrounding children’s diets, whilst spending time with your kids, getting them involved!

You can find out more, and sign the #FoodRevolutionDay campaign here.