Half Term Superfoods

Half Term Superfoods

It’s half term! Most people equate this to less traffic in the morning. But here at Bigfoot, we also appreciate how much you need the break – and the benefits it can have on your education. Particularly if you have exams coming up later this year, you need to be on best form when you get back to school. Make the most of your half term, with plenty of rest and good food.

So what foods will get your brain ticking over, geared up to take on the workload?


If we were to take the time deciding on a hero of superfoods, it would probably be the blueberry.

Ever been in an exam hall racking your brains for the facts that you know are there, but just don’t want to come out? According to evidence in a Tufts University report, BLUEBERRIES are the way to go to prevent short-term memory loss.

Pumpkin Seeds

For an all-round boost to your memory and general thinking skills, get your hands on some pumpkin seeds. They can be added to pretty much any meal you have, and a handful a day is enough to provide you with your daily allowance of Zinc.


They are a little fatty, so maybe don’t gorge yourself on them. But it’s unsaturated fat, which is good for you (yes, there is such a thing). These fats get your blood flowing round your body just as it should, helping your brain to work at it’s full, genius potential.

Plus, avocados taste great.

Dark chocolate

It took me a while to get in to dark chocolate – but once you like it, you love it. It will improve the blood flow to your brain, making the cogs turn around just that little bit quicker. If it’s too bitter for your taste buds, check out the trillion different flavours around.


Well, all fruit and vegetables is a good way to go. But broccoli particularly has loads of nutrients that help memory – so if you’re looking to soak up as much information as possible for exams this Summer, it’s broccoli you’re after.

Apparently the folic acid it provides could also keep you feeling cheerful, which might help as deadlines loom…

Peanut Butter

Nuts are generally full of lots of brain-boosting healthy fats, and peanut butter is one of the greatest foods on earth. Enough said.

Balance your diet with exercise, sleep and having a good time with your friends this half term, and you will be more than ready to take on whatever school is throwing at you next week.