5 things that will happen at the end of the summer term

5 things that will happen at the end of the summer term

It’s been a long old academic year for teachers and pupils alike. Now the weather is heating up and the summer holidays are in sight, here are 5 things that will happen in these last couple of weeks, whatever the best intentions of teachers. And it wouldn't be the end of term without them.

1. Class outside

Miss/Sir, can we have class outside... pleeease?

Teachers have probably been getting this request since that one freak warm day at the end of April, but at the end of the summer term, they will probably give in to it at least once. This will result in a lazy lesson in the sun for everyone. Result.

2. Watching a video

This is perhaps more a staple of the end of the winter term, where about half of the last week is filled with videos loosely related to whatever is on the curriculum for that class. But at the end of any term, you can be guaranteed at least one video lesson! Sit back, relax and crack open the figurative popcorn.

3. Leaving students will get a bit silly

Whether it be year 6’s, year 11’s or year 13’s, leaving one school and moving on to the next step in life is a big change. All this excitement and emotion will result in a bit of silliness. Signing shirts and leavers books will turn into simply drawing all over one another and there will undoubtedly be pranks that get a bit out of hand. But hey, it’s their last week and they deserve to unwind.

4. Tidying all afternoon

There’s a certain amount of end-of-term admin to do; tidying desk draws, form rooms, and clock-rooms, taking down displays, sorting out folders and exercise books. In reality, these tasks could be done in an hour or so, but tired teachers will happily put aside a whole afternoon for such tasks and students will love it!

5. Excitable children

All this excitement at school will mean children coming home bouncing of the walls, leaving everyone looking forward to the summer holidays. Good news is it’s not long now!