Beat Summer Boredom

Beat Summer Boredom

So you've just done your GCSEs or A-Levels and now begins one of the longest summers of your life. 12 weeks with absolutely nothing you have to be doing. Pretty great, huh?

But by half-way into week 3, when you've watched all the good stuff Netflix has to offer, another 9 weeks of nothingness can seem a bit daunting. The things that seemed so appealing when you were meant to be revising (funny YouTube videos, cups of tea, doodling, paper clips...) just don’t seem as fun any more. So we've put together our top tips for beating boredom this summer!

1. Have your first solo holiday

Go on your first holiday without your parents! Get a group of friends together and organise a holiday. It doesn't have to be expensive or involve foreign travel, especially if some of you are not yet 18. All you need for a great holiday with friends is a couple of tents, a beach, a guitar and some board games. Some campsites don’t let groups of under-18s in, but plenty do, so do your research. How to sell it to Mum and Dad? Just tell them how many life skills you’ll gain facing the responsibility of organising a holiday all by yourself!

2. Get some work experience

Don’t underestimate the value of summer work on your CV. Whether it’s a summer job to help you pay for that holiday, charity work, or just a week or two shadowing someone in a job you’re interested, every little really does help and can be a nice way to break up a long summer. It will really help show future employers or universities how proactive you are.

3. Try something new

Learn a new skill or try a new hobby. Try something crafty or sporty. Get culinary or start a blog. It could be indoors or outdoors, a way to make friends or a solo-activity. The possibilities are endless. Stuck for ideas? There’s a pretty long list here to get you started!

4. Go fly a kite

You’ll probably be spending time hanging out in the park anyway when you've run out of money or have been asked politely to get out of the house for a while! Get some friends together and chip in for a kite for hours of fun on a windy day!

5. Get extra curricular

Just because it’s the summer holidays, you don’t have to turn your brain off! Most museums and galleries are free, or very cheap for students and young people. Check out what your town has to offer. Or head down to your local library and do some reading that you know you won’t have time for when you get back to your studies.

6. Savour the nothingness

Try to savour this time. You’ll miss it in September! Spend a day in your PJs watching films all day. Because you can. And because if you let yourself get a bit bored, you’ll might even look forward to getting stuck in again in September!