The current government has placed a lot of weight on the importance of apprenticeships. The idea of being an apprentice has morphed since their introduction in the 1950s – they can now be for people of all ages, and in a range of time periods. Whilst there is some disagreement about the future funding of such programmes, and of whether the initiative has been a true success, apprenticeships have become a viable alternative to university.

Do you think an apprenticeship programme is exactly what you, or perhaps your child, is looking for?

In theory, apprenticeships sound great. They help to build up a skilled workforce, create quality jobs and reduce unemployment. All of this contributes to strengthening the economy on the whole.

They address the need for practical skills as well as academic. Working alongside experienced and skilled staff, and apprentice can gain invaluable insight to the business, whilst earning a wage and studying towards a qualification.

If you’d like to consider an apprenticeships, visit the website. Whilst you should be careful to ensure the programme will offer excellent rewards in skills and experience, the an initiative like this could be the university alternative you have been looking for.