What is progress monitoring and why is it important?

As a parent, you are most likely want to be sure that your child does well in school. Student progress monitoring is the best way for teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching approach and make appropriate instructional decisions. Being informed about the students weaknesses, educators will be able to adjust their instructional strategies to meet the students' needs.

Bigfoot Tutors use various progress monitoring strategies to ensure that their students benefit from the lessons. You can cooperate with the tutor to help them set the goal of studying and choose appropriate learning style. For example, if you child wants to learn French online or if you are looking for ESOL tutors, you can connect with the tutor before starting learning and discuss your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Explain why you are looking for a private online tutor and what type of academic help are you expecting to get.

How to implement student progress monitoring?

Once you find a tutor for your child, you can ask them to implement student progress monitoring. In order to do this, he or she will determine your child’s current level of knowledge or skills, identify the goals that your child needs to reach, and establish the rate of progress your child must make to meet their goals. The tutor then will regularly measure the student's progress.

What are the benefits of progress monitoring?

Progress monitoring enables teachers to determine if their students are benefitting appropriately from their program. It gives you and your child's teacher or tutor essential information that can help your child learn more effectively and faster. Some other benefits of student progress monitoring include:

• More efficient instructional techniques and goals;

• Accelerated learning;

• Documentation of student progress;

• More efficient communication between teachers and parents.

Any parent who is interested in improving their children’s results should insist on implementing of progress monitoring.

At Bigfoot Tutors, we understand the importance of progress monitoring, that’s why we encourage all our candidates, from Maths to Italian tutors, to regularly assess their students' progress. Use our website to find a private tutor for your child and you will be able to make sure that he or she is benefiting from the lessons.