How to find the best tutor for your child?

Whether your child is struggling with grammar rules, lost in all the economic theories or needs instant help with their homework assignment, you can solve these problems by hiring a tutor. Bigfoot Tutors is the best place to find a highly qualified and experienced tutor for your child. We offer a wide selection of tutors specializing in all possible areas, including English tutors, Economics tutors, Maths tutors, and many more. Choosing a tutor for your child is an important decision. You are bringing a person into his or her life that will influence their learning and attitude to their studies. It is important that you get it right. Here are some tips that will help you find an excellent tutor for your child.

1. Know your goals

You should have a clear understanding why you hire a tutor. What subject is your child struggling with? What type of academic support does he or she need? What results do you want to see? Make sure the tutor you choose is clear about the goals of the tutoring.

2. Ask questions

Ask the tutor about their experience, tutoring approach, academic background and reference. Make sure that the tutor will be able to suit your child’s needs and provide them with required support.

At Bigfoot Tutors, you can find all essential information about the tutors in their personal profiles. You can also book a free fifteen-minute trial to discuss any other questions you may have. Prepare for this session and make a list of questions you have.

3. Check the tutor’s availability

It is important to schedule the lessons according to your child’s convenience. Make sure the tutor is available when your child is ready to learn and not when she or he is tired. Bigfoot Tutors are available seven days a week, including early morning and late hours, so you will easily find a tutor to fit your personal schedule.

4. Listen to your child

After several lessons, ask for your child’s feedback. It’s important that he or she enjoys the lessons and feels at ease with the tutor. Remember that friendly environment is essential for effective learning.

Bigfoot Tutors are second to none in providing live, interesting and fun lessons. They are full of enthusiasm and know how to motivate every child. In tutoring, the choice of the right tutor is half of the success. No matter why you are looking for a tutor, whether for learning Dutch online or for Maths exam preparation, don't neglect the importance of choosing an experienced, highly qualified tutor.