10 ace activities to try with the kids this summer

10 ace activities to try with the kids this summer

The summer holidays are almost here... hooray! But filling six weeks with fun activities is a challenge! So have 10 ideas on us to get you going!

1. Have a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are a great way to pass the time for kids of any age. They can be around the house on a rainy day, or a great way to get them out if the sun is shining. They can be as easy or as hard as you like. You can get creative with poetic or cryptic clues. Or for an easier life, you can easily compile a great hunt from a quick internet search for treasure hunt clues! Older children love to create their own for each other, which can provide hours of fun!

2. Make a Non-Newtonian fluid

Mix together cornflour and water for hours of entertainment! You can add food colouring and even glitter too for an extra sparkly experience. You don’t need to mention the science... it’s just a bit of fun with some surreptitious education on the side.

3. Have an adventure in an aquarium

Aquariums make a great change from museums for a rainy day out. Just step inside and be transported to a whole new underwater world. If your children like getting hands on, plenty have opportunity to touch creatures such as rays and sea anemones.

4. Go fly a kite

Fun for literally any age, a kite can add extra inexpensive enjoyment to a day in the garden, or at the park or beach.

5. Reading aloud allowed

Reading aloud can be a great way to share the reading experience at any age – it’s not just for children who are too young to read for themselves. Reading aloud enables you to share in the story together and gives children access to books beyond their own reading age. You can all take it in terms to read a chapter. For reading ideas, check out your local library. You don’t have to be at the cutting edge of children’s literature all the time. There are plenty of timeless classics. Try The Famous Five and Secret Seven for hours of summer reading material!

6. Get green-fingered

Fill a tray with soil and get miniature-gardening. Or if you’re feeling really generous, you could even dig them over their own little patch in your garden or allotment. They can plant seeds and creature their own world – flowers, vegetables and herbs are all fun ways to get started. Imagination is the only limit – dig trenches for soldiers, make ramps for toy cars, or use cuttings to make magical forests for fairies.

7. Get crafty

The internet is full of great craft ideas for children of all ages. Here are some summery craft ideas to get you started, but really the sky is the limit. The great thing is, you've got most things you need around the house – raid the recycling bin with your creative cap on and you’ll see it in a whole new light! Even colouring in can provide some therapeutic fun for the whole family, with colouring books for adults taking off this summer!

8. Bake up a picnic

Thanks to Mary Berry, baking has never been so cool! So why not bake up some tasty treats, make a few sarnies (with your own bread, if you’re feeling really adventurous) and then pack them all up and go for a great British picnic! Combine with number 4 on this list for a whole day of fun!

9. Sleep under the stars

This is one they can do without you for a real feeling of adventure. Invite a friend, set up a tent in the garden with snacks, teddies, games, books, an all-important torch or two, and some warm sleeping bags. Maybe leave the back door open – just in case!

10. Tie-dye in the garden

Tie-dye is a messy business – so summer is the perfect time to give it a whirl... at the bottom of the garden, as far away from the house as possible! Get some elastic bands to create tight knots in your bed sheets, pillow cases, t-shirts, socks, handkerchiefs etc. Then dip in the dye and hang out to dry. Definitely needs adult supervision and maybe even a practice run first if you’re doing it with younger children. A great way to spend a sunny day and have some mementos or gifts to show for it. Good luck and don’t forget to let us know how you get on on our Facebook and Twitter!